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    Sales Hotline: 

    0531-83528288     18560002859
    0531-83528099     18560002857
    0531-83511361      0531-83511119

    0531-83526929      0531-83528266 



    After-sales telephone:0531-83513999 
    Fax:0531-83528288       0531-83511337
    Address:Yinying Industrial Park,  Jinan, Shandong, China

    Postal code:250204

    Web Copyright:Shangdong YinYing cooking machinery Co.Ltd.   ICP:魯ICP備11024258號-1   By:www.300.cn

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    Product Name:

    Yinying HWT20I dough mixer

    Products details
    Packaging and after-sale

    Mixer is main equipment of noodle processing, it is mainly used for wheat flour with water by 1:0. The proportion of 38-0.45, according to user's process requirements, sometimes with cooking oil, sugar and other food and food additives) to make the dough, widely used in the dining room, restaurants and noodle processing unit and the dough, instead of manual operation, reduce the labor intensity, meets the demand of people's diet health, is the ideal equipment to noodle processing, can also be used to other similar material stirring and mixing.




    Advantages of Yinying Products


    Quality System

    It has obtained seven system certifications such as ISO9001 quality management system, and the standardized good conduct confirmation as national AAA enterprise.

    Material Upgrade

    The quenching process improves the hardness and strength of metal workpieces, strengthens the ability of resisting pressure and corrosion, and prolongs the service life of equipment. 

    The high quality stainless steel used is moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant, clean and sanitary, which is easy for cleaning.


    Production Efficiency

    Using advanced mechanical automation and intelligence instead of traditional manual operation, it saves labor costs and greatly improves production efficiency. The machine conforms to the principle of ergonomics, saves more time and labor when in use, which is more convenient and quick to operate, and can freely control the shape of vegetables.


    Operational Safety

    There is safety protection at the material inlet and outlet, human body contact is fully reduced during processing, and the machine itself is provided with anti-leakage protection, making it safer to operate and use safely.



    Yinying people are committed to the construction of "industry-university-research cooperation" and innovation system based on the market. Focusing on the needs of customers, it can provide customized services to meet the needs of customers.


    After-Sale Protection

    Life-long service is provided to the products, customer feedback information is processed in a timely manner, and replies or solutions are given within 48 hours in the province and 72 hours outside the province.

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    Model HWT20I
    Efficiency(kg/h) 200
    Flour Capacity(kg/次) 20
    Power(KW) 1.5
    Overall dimensions(mm) 760*600*850



    In shandong province

    Application: simple packing, suitable for shandong province




    Shandong province outside

    Use: packing is commonly used in logistics to avoid bumping machines.

    General domestic self-use customer use




    Railway package

    Use: logistics commonly used packaging, export available, need fumigation


    Export fumigation-free package

    Use: common export packaging, fumigation-free packaging


    Within six months from the date of purchase, under the condition of normal use and maintenance according to the instructions, the parts are damaged due to defective manufacturing, and the technical records can be checked, free replacement of parts or return. If the time limit of "three guarantees" is exceeded or the machine is damaged due to illegal operation, please come to the factory for maintenance without charge of manual labor, only charge of spare parts, and provide convenience for users.

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