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    Seminar on Cross-Border E-Commerce (Russia) Online Enterprises of Haoppin Shandong Zhangqiu Service Center

    Seminar on Cross-Border E-Commerce (Russia) Online Enterprises of Haoppin Shandong Zhangqiu Service Center

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    On the afternoon of April 2, 2019, the Buydana (Russia) Symposium on Cross-Border E-Commerce was held in the conference room on the 5th floor of Zhangqiu Hotel, Mingshui. The main purpose of this symposium is to communicate with the contracting enterprises and solve the problems in the process of using the platform. Danil, Director of Business Operation of Buydana, a Russian e-commerce company, accompanied by Niu General of Zhangqiu Service Center in Shandong Province, a group of people came to the meeting hall. The participating enterprises warmly welcomed Danil and his group. On behalf of China, General Niu extended a warm welcome to Danil and his delegation. He hoped that the two sides would have a deeper understanding, communicate with each other whenever problems arise, and communicate in a timely manner so as to make greater contributions to the better development of Zhangqiu enterprises. Mr. Danil demonstrated the components of the platform to the representatives of the enterprises, explained the attention of the platform and the ranking of the platform, and then explained the functions and application methods of the sellers'center. At the same time, he also pointed out the problems existing in the enterprises. For example, the conversion between RMB and ruble is inaccurate, the price is not clear, the product details page is not comprehensive enough, and the display of product data and parameters is lacking. It is hoped that relevant enterprises with existing problems will correct and rectify this. After the announcement of the platform function, the meeting specifically arranged time for enterprises to raise questions about the existing problems of the platform, and Mr. Danil answered questions on the spot. In the end, Niu summarized the meeting, hoping that all enterprises will rectify the problems existing in the platform in time after the meeting, respond positively to the inquiries generated in the process of using the platform, and strive to conclude orders as soon as possible with the efforts of both sides, so as to let Zhangqiu's enterprises go out and Zhangqiu's high-quality products go out.